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Our school day begins at 7:40 am and ends at 3:35 pm.
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Hi I'm Mrs. Riley,

I'm an 8th grade science teacher at Mance Park Middle School. I'm really looking forward to having your student in my classroom. My passion is science and I enjoy getting into the wonderful world of wonder and curiosity. My background includes being a teaching assistant for Sam Houston State University teaching environmental and organic chemistry lab. I graduated from SHSU with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. I went on to be a research assistant to two different prestigious projects, worked as a microbiology technician and finally as a microbiology analyst. My goal is to help my students achieve goals past the bar they have set for themselves. I wish to guide them while letting their hands get dirty and into the real part of science. We're going to have a great year where we will help prepare your student to be lifelong learners and active citizens for their community!!
You may contact me at :  or 936-435-6400
The following is my schedule:
1st Period Pre- AP Science  7:45 - 8:38
2nd Period
Pre- AP Science 8:41 - 9:31
3rd Period
9:34 - 10:24
4th Period PLC - No Conferences 10:27 - 11:17
5th Period
Level Science
11:20 - 12:26
12:26 - 12:56
6th Period Level Science 12:59 - 1:49
7th Period Level Science 1:52 - 2:42
8th Period Level Science 2:45 - 3:35
Thursday until 4:30 
Science Digital Textbooks
We will be utilizing Pearson's 8th grade online science textbook. If you have a need for a physical please contact me. 
Below you can find the set up process. 
MPMS Science have digital textbooks this year.  To access your account please go to the following link.

This is a Google shortened link to go straight to the Login page at Pearson.

Once you get there you will need to Login.  Your user name is your school email address without the  If you do not know the format is

First Initial - Middle Initial - the first 7 characters of your last name - followed by the last 2 digits in your student ID.

Your password is HISD followed by your 6 digit student ID number.  If your ID number has only five digits you must put a 0 in front.
Click on Pearson EasyBridge Plus & Auto instead of Sign In
(Picture 1)
On the next page type Huntsville for the District and Select HUNTSVILLE IND SCHOOL DIST-INT from the drop down menu and click GO.
(Picture 2)
You may have to type in your credentials again after you click GO.