Mance Park Middle School

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Our school day begins at 7:40 am and ends at 3:35 pm.
Donna Sanders » Course Description/ Policy Statement

Course Description/ Policy Statement

Pre-Algebra Grade 8 Policy Statement

Class Goal for 2015: Everyone can do Pre- Algebra: Attitude is the key.

Grading Policy: Major grades count 60% of average – composed of tests, labs,
and other grades specified by instructor.
Daily grades count 40% of average – composed of homework,
notebook, quizzes, other grades specified by instructor.
Grade Formula: 0.4 x Daily Avg + 0.6 x Major Avg = Six Weeks Grade

Grading Criteria: All work must be turned in on time.
Late work will only be accepted on or before graded papers
are returned and will be given a grade no higher than an 75.
Work missed due to absence will be due five (5) school days from the date of return. Previously assigned work will be due on the day of
To retest, students must attend at least one tutoring session prior to
taking the test, and must take the test during a second tutoring
session within the time frame set by the teacher. Per district policy,
a grade no higher than a 75 will be given.
All answers must be justified. (SHOW YOUR WORK!)

Behavior Management: 1. Be respectful.
2. Be on time and in seat working.
3. Be prepared.
4. Stay on task.
5. Follow all school rules.

Note: Failure to comply with behavior management policy will result in the following
1st time-warning, 2nd time-private warning, 3rd time-contact parent,
4th time- office referral

Tutoring: 7:15- 7:40 am: Monday-Friday
3:30 – 4:30 pm: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

Supplies: graph paper, 4 AAA batteries, 3 subject spiral notebook