Narrative Essay Assignment

Good morning parents!  
I wanted to let you know that students will start an essay today in class. Students will work on the brainstorming component of the essay in class and need to complete the rough draft tonight for homework.  We will be editing them tomorrow before moving on to the final draft.  
The writing prompt is as follows:
-Write a 2-page narrative essay about a particular event that has impacted your life and has shaped who you are.  Include a photo, drawing, or object that represents this event and explain why you chose the item.-
To receive full credit, the student must include: brainstorm, rough draft, edited work, final draft, and a drawing, picture, or object with an explanation of the importance of that item.  
This essay will be a major grade for students this six weeks.  
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at or call 936-577-2755 ext. 108.
Have a wonderful day!
T. Lacox