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Our school day begins at 7:40 am and ends at 3:35 pm.
Patricia Nash » Course Description and Policies

Course Description and Policies

Algebra Grade 8 Policy Statement


Class Goal for 2017:  Everyone can do Algebra:  Attitude is the key.


Course Description:

This is Pre-AP Algebra I for high school credit.  The Algebra TEKS provide the basis for the content with a focus on practical application and data analysis.

Grading Policy

Major grades count 50% of average – composed of tests, labs,

portfolios, other grades specified by instructor.

Daily grades count 50% of average – composed of homework,

notebook, quizzes, other grades specified by instructor.


Grade Formula:  0.5 x Daily Avg + 0.5 x Major Avg = Six Weeks Grade


Grading Criteria

All work to be turned in should be headed as follows:

 Name                                  Date                        Period                                                                              

All work must be turned in on time.

Late work will  be accepted as follows:

1 day - 10 points (100 records up to 90)

2 days - 20 points (100 records up to 80)

3 days - 30 points (100 records up to 70)

4 or more days - (100 records up to 60)

If graded papers have been returned before day 4, an alternate assignment will be required.

Work missed due to absence :  In general students have one day to make up missed work for each day of absence.   Previously assigned work will be due on the day of return.

Retesting  is done during tutoring.  Per district policy a grade no higher than a 75 will be given.

All answers must be justified.  SHOW YOUR WORK!


Behavior Management

1.  Be respectful.

2.  Be on time and in seat working.

3.  Be prepared.

4.  Stay on task.

5.  Follow all school rules.


4   AAA batteries

1 pkg graph paper

1 spiral notebook


6:30 - 7:30 am:  Monday - Friday

(Other times dependent on teacher schedule)