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Dear New Family,

I am excited that we will share this year together. We will learn a lot of science together and we will all be prepared to be successful. Each week I will send you an email explaining the events of the next week for class and any important dates that your family will want to put on your calendar. Please make sure the email address  that you registered your child with has not changed. If your address or information changes during the school year, please contact Mrs. Wiggins and she can change it for you. It is important that the gradebook information stay up to date.

I want to know how to be the best teacher for your child. If there is something that helped your child learn better in the past, please share that with me.  

We will use lots of supplies in science class. Colored paper seems to be a favorite for the students to work with. If you would like to send a ream of your favorite color of paper for me for use, I would LOVE it! This is not a requirement, it is more of a “wish” list item.

Each student will have a Chromebook assigned to them. The students will not need to use their phone during class. If you have an emergency that your child needs to know about, please call the school and they will send a message to your child. The students should not read or use their phones during class without permission.

Grades in science will be the average of daily and major work. Daily work will consist of quizzes, formative assessments, short labs, and notes. Major work will consist of tests, projects, and formal labs. Daily work will be fifty percent of the average and major work will be fifty percent of the average.

Thank you for sharing your child with me,

Mrs. Johanna Ullrich

Life Science Syllabus

The order of the units and approximate time for studying each unit: Safety(1 wk), Cells(5 wks), Body Systems(4 wks), Responses of Plants & Animals(3 wks), Plant Systems(2 wks), Ecology(4 wks), Taxonomy(2 wks), Genetics(4 wks),  Earth Systems(4 wks), Forces(1 wk), Life in the Solar System(1 wk)

About Mrs. Ullrich Supplies to be kept in your binder:

  • 30 Years of Experience Teaching Science *Ear Buds
  • Certified Science Teacher, 6th-12th Grades *Pen (blue or black) or Pencil
  • Per-AP & GT Certified *Colored Pencils
  • HELM Certified *Scissors (small are fine)
  • STM Certified *Notebook Paper

To Be Given to the Teacher: *2 boxes of Tissue  *Box of Reclosable Freezer Bags  *1 Pkg of Post It Notes