Week of May 22nd

Dear School Family,
I can't believe this is the last week of school.  The year has zipped by so fast.  
Please make sure that you have signed the permission slip so your child can attend Field Day on Tuesday.  The permission form is due tomorrow, Monday the 22nd of May.   The students need to be in dress code all week at school.  Shorts are allowed but need to meet the guidelines written in the HISD dress code.  All shirts need to have sleeves.  Tuesday is Field Day and this event will begin at 1:30 and last until 3:35.  If you would like to donate bottled water for this event, please drop that off at the front office.
The last day of school is Wednesday.  The students should not bring backpacks or large purses on Wednesday.  Just in case your child needs to bring a large bad of some sort, the bag will be checked in to the front office before school begins and returned at the end of the school day.  This is a precaution to eliminate any problems that could arise.  We appreciate your support with these extra items as we close out the school year.
We are having some problems with students using their phones in the hallway and during class. Please remind your child to keep all phones and technology safely tucked away while at school.
The Texas Education Agency will send the STAAR report and how to read the report to HISD the last week in June.  As soon as the report arrives, your child's report card and STAAR score will be mailed home. We are sorry for the delay, but will mail all information as soon as it arrives.
Please be mindful that the HISD school board will hear reports from each campus about dress code this summer.  The board may make changes to the dress code if they feel changes are needed and HISD will post those changes.  I would suggest waiting until that time to buy new school clothes, just in case changes occur.  
This week in science -
Monday - May 22nd - Science final
Tuesday - Finish final
Wednesday - Investigation of US space program
It has been a pleasure being your science teacher this year.  Please have a safe and wonderful summer.
Mrs. Ullrich