Week of May 15th in Science

Dear School Family,
This week has a few extra activities.  Thursday is our awards ceremony in the gymnasium.  The students that have all A's, all A's and a B, and perfect attendance will receive an invitation for their families to attend.  Each teacher gives an award for best citizenship and an award for most improved student.  The teachers will call the families of those children and invite the family.  We wish that we could give every child an award but we are limited to these two.  
This week in science - 
Monday - May 15th - Practice identifying organisms using a dichotomous key
Tuesday - Finish our station lab practicing using the dichotomous key
Wednesday - Quiz using a dichotomous key; predict the rules used to write pedigree
Thursday - Identify adaptations and how they help organisms survive better
Friday - Start to review for the end of science test; students will each have specific questions to teach the answers to their peers
If your child checked  out a textbook or library book, please return them this week.  If your child is interested in playing any sport next year, the school will provide a free physical on May 17th.  I highly recommend this process so that your family already has the needed paperwork done to try out. The form needs to be completed and signed before the 17th and brought to school.  The form is available from the front office and the coaches. 
If you have any questions, please email me at jullrich@huntsville-isd.org. Thank you for sharing your child with me this year.
Mrs. Ullrich
7th Grade Science Teacher
Mance Park Middle School