Week of April 3rd in Science

Dear School Family,
This is the last week of the fourth six weeks of school.  The year is flying by and we still have so much to learn.
We will have a test over unit nine (chemistry) this Tuesday.  The last unit, I made the quizlet and the students studied it.  That worked well and I send the link for this current test review tomorrow at the end of the school day.  Please ask your child if they have prepared for the test and gone over that document.  If for any reason, your child will not take the test on Tuesday, it must be completed by Friday.
I am on a committee that will review the current grading policies for MPMS. If you have any input about this policy, please email me and I will take your concerns with me. Please try to be as specific as possible. The current policy is on the HISD website at: https://1.cdn.edl.io/TK7rZ60ArFbZpiwZ7JXzznS03SHppPJTyyGu3udb7mAHVX4M.pdf
This week in science -
Monday - April 3rd - Review for Chemistry Test
Tuesday - Chemistry Test
Wednesday - Homeostasis Vocabulary Research
Thursday - Finish Homeostasis Research
Friday - Discuss Homeostatis
Thank you so much for sharing your child with me this year.
Mrs. Ullrch
7th Grade Science Teacher