Week of March 27th in Science

Dear School Family, 
This is a big week at school.  Tuesday is the writing STAAR test.  The students will see tomorrow what classroom they will test in.  I encourage each of the students to ask where each teacher will be on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Lunch will be eaten in the testing classroom on Tuesday. Please understand that no lunches can be delivered.  Make sure your child brings a hoodie or jacket and a book to school on Tuesday.  
Wednesday, the seventh graders will be in classrooms downstairs to keep the building quiet so the eighth grade can take their reading test upstairs. Each of the seventh grade teachers has a classroom assignment downstairs.  Each teacher will share that room number on Monday.  I encourage the students to write this information down.
This week in science - 
Monday - March 27th - Finish chemistry review of 6th grade information
Tuesday - STAAR testing in the morning; begin chemistry learning stations
Wednesday - regular classes downstairs - continue chemistry learning stations
Thursday- examine the differences between organic and inorganic compounds
Friday - examine the differences between physical and chemical change
Remember, the students need a full night of sleep before the test so they can do their best.  I suggest that all technological devices charge in the kitchen to make sure that the students are not distracted during the night.  
As always, chromebooks need to be charged every night and students need to bring a pen or pencil to school every day.
Mrs. Ullrich
7th Grade Science Teacher
Mance Park Middle School