Week of February 6th in Science

Dear School Family,
Progress reports were sent home with the students last week.  Please make sure to review the report and discuss progress being made in classes.  
The student council is organizing a Valentine's Dance for February 10th at MPMS.  The details will be announced on Monday to the students.  
We will have our unit 7 test on February 15th.  The test will cover cell organelles (structure and function), organization of life, and the cell theory.  Students need to bring their chromebook freshly charged with ear buds to school every day.  Please check your child's backpack to make sure there is a pen, pencil, and notebook paper.  Please have them show you these items. 
This week in science -
Monday - February 6th - Begin a cell webquest (major grade equal to a project)
Tuesday - Continue the web quest
Wednesday - Finish web quest; examine and illustrate a cell model in class; explain the advantages and limitations of the model
Thursday - Write goals for the upcoming test and what students will do to achieve the goals, complete a matching activity
Friday - Begin to make a study guide to achieve the goals set for the unit 7 test
If you have any questions, please email me at jullrich@huntsville-isd.org.
Mrs. Ullrich