Week of January 23rd in Science

Dear School Family,
We have started our exploration of cells.  In this unit, we examine the structure and function of plant and animal cell organelles.  This information will be used in the next unit as well (living systems) and then is the foundation for the high school biology units.  Please ask your child each evening what we discussed in class that day.  This process will help them remember each organelles importance.
This week in science:
Monday -January 23rd- Explore the differences between plant and animal cells
Tuesday - Explore nucleus and chromosomes
Wednesday - Explore cell membrane and cell wall
Thursday - Explore cytoplasm, mitochondria, and vacuoles
Friday - Explore chloroplasts
Please remember to remind your child to charge the chromebook every night and bring it to school every day.  
February 3rd is parent teacher conferences.  The students will not have school that day.  If you would like to meet with a teacher, contact them for an appointment.
Mrs. Ullrich