Week of January 9th in Science

Dear School Family,
Welcome back to school.  Report cards will be sent home with the students on Tuesday.  Please make sure to look over your child's grades and comments.  If you have any questions, please make sure to email the teacher for clarification. Remember, you have the ability to view your child's grades and attendance using the Home Access Center.  If you have not used the system yet, I highly recommend that you do this soon.  You are able to check grades and attendance (including tardies) any time you want.  
This week in science -
Monday - January 9th - Review primary and secondary succession
Tuesday - Use the test review to make a study aide 
Wednesday - Review and correct the test review, use the study aide to prepare for the test
Thursday - Make an A on the Unit 5 & 6 Test
Friday - Complete an inquiry lab
January 9th all of the teachers will review the dress code (nothing has changed - no holes in clothes and shirts need sleeves) and explain changes to the technology use and tardy policy.  Students are not allowed to use any technology in the hallways.  Tardies are going to be documented in the grade book (attendance portion) and detention will be assigned from the AP's office.  Cell phones will not be used in class.  Chromebooks provide all of the technology needed.  The students seem distracted by their phones.  Phones will not be needed out during class or the hallway.  
Mrs. Ullrich