Happy Holidays!

Dear School Family,
I hope your holiday has been wonderful!  I wanted to send a couple of interesting science links.  
A comet will be visible tomorrow night.  The links below will explain how to see it if the sky is clear.
There is also a bald eagle live cam waiting for a couple of eagle eggs to hatch in Florida.  One of the eggs has a crack so should open soon.  The live eagle cam address is:
The feed is live.  I have watched for a while and there seem to be a couple of people that are making some comments that are odd, but it is a great conversation about "just because we read it on the internet that does not make it fact."  In years past, there have been some gruesome feeding times by the adults.  This is a nest that Harriet returns to year after year and she lost her mate (Ozzie) a year or so ago.  This
 male is named M15.
The eaglets will be numbered as they hatch.  
I look forward to seeing the students back on January 9th. We will have a test on January 11th.  I will give the students a review on the ninth to study.
Happy New Year!
Mrs. Ullrch