Week of December 12th in Science

Dear School Family,
In science we have learned about how we fit into life on Earth.  We will continue that study and add to this how life on Earth changes. As a class, we will walk over to the cemetery to see and touch lichens. Lichens are the species that begin the break down of rocks. I will wait until it is not raining for us to go outside, but it may be a bit cool.
On Friday, Dec. 16th, the seventh grade students will have a reward during seventh period for having less write ups than the eighth graders.  We want this to be an enjoyable time with an opportunity for them to play and have snacks.  We hope that you feel the same way and are willing to help with a donation of snacks(cookies, chips, etc.) or drinks (Capri-Suns or water).  If you want to help us with this, please drop off the snacks or drinks at the front office. 
Some of the students are missing one or more parts for the biome project.  Please ask if your child still needs to finish that up.
This week in science -
Monday - Dec. 12th - reinforce new academic vocabulary about biodiversity
Tuesday - Begin to examine ecological succession
Wednesday - Use Texas Gateway (TEA product) to see ecological succession
Thursday - Go outside to see lichens, organize graphics showing ecological succession 
Friday - Examine food webs and food chains to show relationships in our ecosystems
December 21st is an early release for the winter holiday.  The buses will leave MPMS at 1:33 pm.  Please make sure your child knows how he or she is getting home.
If you have any questions, please email me so I can find the answer for you.      
Mrs. Ullrich