Week of December 5th in Science

Dear School Family,
Progress reports will be sent home with the students on Tuesday, December 6th.  Please look over the progress report with your child to see how things are going.  If you have questions about a specific class, make sure to email that teacher to see what changes need to happen, quickly.  The end of the third six weeks is December 21st and report cards will be sent home after the winter break. December 21st will be an early release day as well. 
Our biome project is due on Tuesday, December 6th.  There are ten extra credit points available on the project and everyone is encouraged to complete them.  The parts of the project can be turned in virtually and in paper form.  
This week in science -
Monday, December 5th - Review photosynthesis with a writing activity
Tuesday - Station activity to examine photosynthesis in detail 
Wednesday - Link photosynthesis to life in biomes
Thursday - See how biodiversity is linked to life in biomes
Friday - Answer the question - "Why is biodiversity important?"
Please make sure that your child is following the dress code each day when attending school.  
Please encourage your child to be kind to others because we really don't know what is happening in another person's life.  All of us would value from kindness.
I hope that your week is awesome!
Mrs. Ullrich