Week of November 28th in Science

l Family,
I hope this email finds your family warm and happy.
We are moving right along in our curriculum and will finish space on Tuesday.  We will not have a test specifically for this unit because we will have a few questions on the next test, so we aren't testing so much.  Our next unit is about biomes, ecosystems, and ecological succession.  This unit will not be finished until after the winter break. 
We will begin a project on Tuesday about biomes and I will hand out the explanation then.  Each student will be expected to complete their own project but will have opportunity to discuss what they are doing with their peers.  
I entered grades into grade book a few days ago.  All of the students knew their test grades before the break and also know whether they are expected to retest or not.  Remember, if they made a grade less than a 75, the student is encouraged to retest, but the highest grade that can be earned is a 75.  Please ask your child about their test grade.  I will give the retest during tutorials tomorrow (Monday) from 3:35 pm through 4:05 pm.  If this time does not work for your family, please email me so we can get a time set up.  I do not have duty this week and we could arrange for the retest at 7:20 am as well.  The students can access the review through Canvas and will need to study before the retest.
Make sure the chromebook is charged every night before it comes back to school.  The chromebook will be needed every day during the project.
This week in science - 
Monday - November 28th - Finish space 
Tuesday - Quiz over space; Begin biomes project
Wednesday - Continue work on biome project
Thursday - Continue work on biome project (as parts are completed the students should turn them in)
Friday - Continue work on biome project (I will initial on project page as the work is completed)
Thank you for your support. If you need me, email me at jullrich@huntsville-isd.org.
Mrs. Ullrich