Week of November 7th in Science

Dear School Family,
We have learned about a variety of processes that occur on the Earth for this unit.  The big topics are catastrophic events, weathering, erosion, deposition, watershed, surface water, and groundwater.  When you are talking with your son or daughter, please ask them to explain what these words mean so you can see if learning is happening.  Having your child teach you about these topics really helps them organize the information for the test.  
Friday, November 11th, the PTO is sponsoring a school dance in the gym at MPMS.  The dance is from 7 pm - 10 pm.  
This week in science -
Monday - November 7th - See porosity and discuss how water percolates into the ground water, begin the test review
Tuesday - Finish the test review and correct any misconceptions, play Kahoot
Wednesday - Make an A on the Unit 4 Test
Thursday - Substitute - examine vocabulary for the space unit
Friday - Substitute - Read current science in the Science World and answer reading comprehension questions about this nonfiction information
The end of the second six weeks is November 8th.  Report cards are expected to print and go home with the students on November 14th.
Thanksgiving holiday is from November 21st-25th.  
Please email me if you have any questions at jullrich@huntsville-isd.org.
Thank you,
Mrs. Ullrich