Week of November 1st in Science

Dear School Family,
This unit may seem a bit disjointed right now, but this week we tie it all together.  We will discuss how catastrophic events cause weathering, erosion, and deposition.  This week we also add the terms watershed, surface water, and ground water.  We will pay extra attention to how humans affect water in these areas as well.  This is a lot of information and why the unit is long.  If you have a chance as a family to discuss why it is important to not pollute our environment by using too much fertilizer or disposing of contaminants improperly, this would really help with our classroom discussions.  
Monday - October 31st - Student Holiday, Staff Development
Tuesday - students will correct their ecoregion information, illustrate weathering, erosion, and deposition model, watch TedEd video about human effect on water
Wednesday - take notes about watersheds, surface water, and ground water
Thursday - Texas Gateway water activity
Friday - Watershed Lab
Please make sure your child is in dress code before they leave for school.
Important Dates:
Time Changes back 1 hour on Nov 6th
Unit 4 Test is November 9th
Substitute - Nov 10th and 11th (I will be at the science teacher conference)
Thanksgiving break - Nov 21st - Nov 25th
Thank you,
Mrs. Ullrich