Week of Oct 10th in Science

Dear School Family,
I can put new grades in the computer for this six weeks now. I will get those in before the end of the weekend.  The students have some graded work back already, but the grade book system wasn't ready for new grades yet. 
The school dress code has not changed.  If you wonder what the dress code says specifically, here is a link:     
The specifics on what is allowed are in the flyer.  Please make sure your child is in dress code each day.  Learning to follow rules is an important life lesson.
The staff development days that are scheduled allow the teachers to develop engaging lessons to help the students learn more.  I hope that your family enjoys the extra family time together.  
Remember, the chromebooks need to be plugged in each night so they come to school every day with a full charge.
This week in science -
Monday - Oct 10th - Student Holiday
Tuesday - Correct test review (received 10/7 and needs to be brought to school complete) and play Kahoot
Wednesday - Unit 3 Test, finish our Bean Journals
Thursday - Entry event to Catastrophic Events
Friday - Students design a presentation about Catastrophic Events
If you have any questions about school, don't hesitate to email me at jullrich@huntsville-isd.org.
I hope you have an awesome week.
Mrs. Ullrich