Week of Sept 26th

Dear School Family,
Please save Box Tops for Education and send them to me.  I am the Box Top Coordinator for MPMS and we redeem them for 10 cents a piece. They really add up. The check goes directly to the our principal and is kept for the science department.  We use this money to buy a composition book and glue for every student at MPMS.  Please tell all of your friends and family too.  Last year we raised $530.
This week in Science -
Monday - September 26th - PreAp will investigate Biofuels; Science will review test and teach each other how to find the correct answer
Tuesday - PreAp - will go on a scavenger hunt to identify the organisms from food webs; Science will retest unit 2
Wednesday - begin forces in life; begin Bean Bag experiment, explore the difference between geotropism and phototropism
Thursday - make observations of beans, explore turgor pressure
Friday - examine Work
Upcoming Dates:
9/27 - end of first six weeks (grades will be finalized on Wednesday) and report cards sent home with students on Oct. 1st
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at jullrich@huntsville-isd.org
Mrs. Ullrich