Week of September 19th in Science

Dear School Family,
We finished our food web engaged learning model (ELM) project.  I believe this was very successful. 
The students have received their Chromebooks and I think they are very happy with them.  The Chromebook needs to be plugged in each night so that it can be fully charged and ready to work each day at school.  The Chromebook should come to school everyday.
Parent - Teacher conferences are Monday.  If you would like to meet with any of your child's teachers, please email the teacher and set-up a time that is convenient for your family. 
Word Wall Project is due Tuesday, September 20th.
We will have a test on Friday, September 23rd.  The test will cover photosynthesis, food webs, food chains, compost column, energy pyramid (including the 10% rule).  A review will be given to the students on Wednesday.  I believe we will use an extension from the Chrome Store to make flash cards on the Chromebook.
This week in Science:
Monday - 9/19 - No School - Parent Teacher Conference Day
Tuesday - investigate Energy Pyramids and the 10% Rule
Wednesday - Diagram Compost Column; begin review for test
Thursday - Finish Review and play Kahoot
Friday - Unit Test
If you have any questions, please email me at jullrich@huntsville-isd.org.
Thank you,
Mrs. Ullrich