Week of December 11th in Science

Dear School Family,
The calendar year is quickly coming to an end. We start the topic of genetics tomorrow.  Students seem to enjoy the genetics unit since it is all about them.  We will not take a test over this unit, but we will do an activity to assess an understanding of genetics and the vocabulary that goes with it.  I believe we will complete the activity after we come back to school in January.
This week in science  - 
Monday - December 11th - Begin genetics with an introduction reading and organizing day
Tuesday - Practice using genetics with scenarios and Punnett squares
Wednesday - Students practice completing Punnett squares
Thursday - Math Benchmarking (last one this semester, I promise); afternoon will have more with Punnett squares
Friday - Compare sexual vs asexual reproduction (students must know that asexual reproduction makes identical offspring to parent organism and sexual reproduction makes a blended offspring with some characteristics of mother and father organism)
Tuesday, December 19th, the students will be released from school at 1:30.  Please make sure your child knows how to get home with the different schedule.  
I hope that your family has a Blessed and happy holiday.  
Mrs. Ullrich