Week of November 27th in Science

Dear School Family,
I cannot believe we are so close to winter break and we have so much to do.  December 5th and 6th, the students will have their writing and reading benchmarks to see how the students are progressing.  On those days, we will try to have a similar environment to STAAR testing.  There will be no deliveries of lunches and we ask that you schedule doctors appointments on different days.
Progress reports will go out on December 5th. We will have a unit test on December 8th covering turgor pressure, emergence of seedlings, and homeostasis. A review will be given to the students to prepare for the test.
BookUp club meets in my room on Mondays from 3:35 - 5 pm.  Dr. O'Bannon comes from Sam Houston to bring books that the children request.  They read together and discuss the books and authors thoughts.  Your child is welcome to attend and keep any books received during the meetings.  She is wonderful with the students and we are hoping for more students to join the group. Any student that attends MPMS is welcome.  Please be at the front of the school at 5 pm to pick up your child.
This week in science -
Monday - November 27th - Working in groups to illustrate pinto beans growing in a ziploc bag in the windows; discuss phototropism and geotropism
Tuesday - Working in same group, discuss & observe turgor pressure, illustrate how and why this happens
Wednesday - Working in same group, illustrate pinto beans and answer analysis questions
Thursday - Working in same group, evaluate internal and external stimulus, make a graphic organizer
Friday - Working in same group, complete a Quizizz, discuss feedback mechanisms and how they work with homeostasis, Quiz over this week of learning
Dress code remains that same at MPMS.  The tardy policy is still in effect.  The students that are late often are receiving lunch and after school detention.  Class begins right away when the bell rings, if your child is late to class, then some of the learning has been lost. 
If you have any questions or I can help in any way, please email me at jullrich@huntsville-isd.org.
Thank you,
Mrs. Ullrich