Week of November 13th in Science

Dear School Family,
The school year seems to be racing by.  I hope that your family has had a chance to evaluate the report card that was sent home last week.  Grades often drop just a bit from the first six weeks to the second six weeks.  The first six weeks often has some curriculum review from sixth grade which makes the average a bit higher.  The second six weeks, we are back to foundation learning and there is more thinking involved.  Please make sure your child shows you how to access the Home Access Center (HAC) so you can see the grades all six weeks long.
We just finished the body systems unit and test grades are already in the third six weeks gradebook.  Our new unit is about plants and how they survive.  Thank goodness, the rest of the units this year are not as long.  We should finish this unit in about three weeks.  :)
This week in science -
Monday - November 13th - Preassessment with Texas A&M or begin the new unit by predicting what an article might say by examining academic vocabulary
Tuesday - Science Benchmark - Science is giving our benchmark to see what information has been retained from sixth grade and this school year; please encourage your child to do their best so we know what we are doing right and what needs to be readdressed
Wednesday - Begin our plant unit by looking at pinto beans, making a journal to document changes in seeds, and predicting the changes that may occur
Thursday - Examine what changes do happen with plants and why this happens
Friday - Illustrate the changes that are occurring in plants
School is on Thanksgiving holiday from November 20th through November 25th.
Thank you for sharing your child with me this year. If you have any questions, please email me at jullrich@huntsville-isd.org.
Mrs. Ullrich