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Our school day begins at 7:40 am and ends at 3:35 pm.
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Welcome to Mrs. Ullrich’s Class
Contacting Me:
You may contact me by either email or phone. My email address is To reach me by phone you can call 936-435-6400 Ext. 4230.
I teach seventh grade science.
Conference Time:

If you would like to meet for a conference, I am available Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays after school.


Tutorials: I have tutorials every Monday from 3:35 pm until 4:05 pm. Students must have a ride to pick them up at 4:05 pm at the front of the school. Please tell me that you are attending tutorials so I will be prepared.

I will email your family each week with information about class and school. This email will go to the account that you registered your child with this year. If you change your email address, please update the address so that you receive the class emails.

Recent Posts

Week of September 25th in Science

Dear School Family,
The first six weeks has finished and Monday, 9/25, begins the new six weeks.  If all goes well, the report cards should be given to your child on Wednesday.  
Open House is Monday, 9/25, as well.  We hope that you can join us at Mance Park Middle School from 6 pm - 8 pm to meet your child's teachers.  Please make sure to sign in at each classroom.  If you want to make an appointment for a parent conference, make a note next to your name(s) on the sign in sheet and your teacher will give you a call to make that arrangement. You can always email that request any time during the school year.
The next staff development day (student holiday) is October 9th and Parent - Teacher Conference Day is October 20th.  
This week in science -
Monday- September 25th - Students will make analogies comparing cell organelles to a city
Tuesday - Wednesday - Students will be detectives to identify cells using clues
Thursday - Friday - Students will see the organization of life; cells to organisms
If you have any questions, please email me at Thank you for sharing your child with me this year.
Mrs. Johanna Ullrich
7th Grade Science Teacher
Mance Park Middle School

Progress Reports

Dear School Family,
Progress reports were given to the students today.  Please make sure to look over the progress report with your child.  If you have any questions, please make sure to check with the teacher.  The end of the six weeks is this Friday.  It will be important that all grades are accurate.  
Thank you, 
Mrs. Ullrich
7th Grade Science Teacher

Week of September 18th in Science

Dear School Family,
We continue to learn about cells in science.  The students need to know about plant and animal cells, along with the organelle structures and their functions.  This information can be complicated and challenging to learn.  This is why we practice so much in so many different ways.
If everything goes well, progress reports will go to print Monday, September 18th,  afternoon and the children will receive them Tuesday. (Sometimes the first print is the tricky one.)  Friday, September 22nd, is a student holiday while the teachers attend professional development.  The following Monday, September 25th, is Open House from 6 pm - 8 pm.  I hope that you can attend and look forward to meeting you.  
This week in Science -
Monday - September 18th - Finish the Amoeba Sister graphic organizer and begin the Cells Station Lab
Tuesday - Thursday we will complete the lab and reinforce the learned information
Friday - Student Holiday
Thank you for sharing your child with me this year. If you need me for anything, please email me at
Mrs. Ullrich
7th Science Teacher

Week of September 11th in Science

Dear School Family,
First, a few important dates; the school changed the day we will send home progress reports to September 19th because of the days missed. Report cards will be sent home September 27th.  Open House is September 25 from 6 pm - 8 pm.  Word Wall project is due September 14th for 1st through 5th periods, and September 15th for 7th and 8th periods.
I have updated grades and you can check them through the parent portal through the Huntsville ISD website.  I suggest that you examine the science grades that have been entered.  If there is a zero for the science safety contract, then it has not been turned in.  Your child still needs to turn it in and the grade will go up. 
We have started exploring cells.  Please ask your child to explain the cell theory to you.  If your child can explain the topics that we are learning in class, then we are being successful. 
Please remember, your child should come to school every day with their chromebook charged and their supplies.  Learning is easier when we are prepared.
This week in science - 
Monday - September 11th - Introduction to cells with Amoeba Sisters video
Tuesday and Wednesday - Examine structure and function of organelles
Thursday and Friday - Practice understanding of structure and function of organelles
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at Regular tutorials are every Monday from 3:35 pm - 4:05 pm and your child should be picked up in front of the school at 4:05. If you need to schedule a conference or different day for tutorials, email me.
Thank you,
Mrs. Ullrich
7th Grade Science Teacher 

Week of Sept 4th in Science

 Dear School Family,
I hope this email finds you safe and dry.  If there is anything that I can do to help your family, please email me.  I grew up in the community between Corpus Christi and Padre Island.  Hurricanes are devastating. 
School will start again on September 5th.  We will need to work very hard to catch up.  I promise that I will do my best.  If your child needs tutorials, I can meet any day that works best for your family, please email me to set up a day and time.  We have faculty meetings or department meetings every Wednesday, so I can tutor any other day as long as I know ahead of time.  Mondays are my scheduled tutorial days from 3:35 - 4:05.
This week in science:
Monday - Sept 4th - School Holiday
Tuesday - Second Period will take their Safety Test; Organize Composition Books to make them Science Journals
Wednesday - Examine Cell Theory
Thursday - Finish Cell Theory and begin to examine Cells
Friday - Begin station activity about Cells
Please make sure that your child has turned in a safety contract.
Thank you for sharing your child with me this year.
Mrs. Johanna Ullrich
7th Grade Science Teacher
Mance Park Middle School

Week of Aug. 21st in Science

 Dear School Family,
This week we will work on science.  :)  
Please put August 29th on your family schedule.  Mance Park Middle School will have our Open House from 6 pm - 8 pm.  I look forward to meeting each of you.  Also, September 4th is a school holiday to celebrate Labor Day.  
This week in science:
Monday - August 21st - Finish our safety contract (bring home for parent or guardian signature); complete an activity in groups following good scientific method
Tuesday - Finish poster from lab; predict the topic of an article using clue words
Wednesday - Begin safety poster (group work)
Thursday - Finish safety poster (group work)
Friday - Present safety poster (group work)
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at
Thank you,
Mrs. Ullrich
7th Grade Science Teacher
Mance Park Middle School

Welcome Letter



Mrs. Johanna Ullrich                                         

936-435-6400 X4230

Room 230                        

Call or Email for Conference Appointment

School Calendar

Dear New Family,

I am excited that we will share this year together. We will learn a lot of science together and we will all be prepared to be successful. Each week I will send you an email explaining the events of the next week for class and any important dates that your family will want to put on your calendar. Please make sure the email address  that you registered your child with has not changed. If your address or information changes during the school year, please contact Mrs. Wiggins and she can change it for you. It is important that the gradebook information stay up to date.

I want to know how to be the best teacher for your child. If there is something that helped your child learn better in the past, please share that with me.  

We will use lots of supplies in science class. Colored paper seems to be a favorite for the students to work with. If you would like to send a ream of your favorite color of paper for me for use, I would LOVE it! This is not a requirement, it is more of a “wish” list item.

Each student will have a Chromebook assigned to them. The students will not need to use their phone during class. If you have an emergency that your child needs to know about, please call the school and they will send a message to your child. The students should not read or use their phones during class without permission.

Grades in science will be the average of daily and major work. Daily work will consist of quizzes, formative assessments, short labs, and notes. Major work will consist of tests, projects, and formal labs. Daily work will be fifty percent of the average and major work will be fifty percent of the average.

Thank you for sharing your child with me,

Mrs. Johanna Ullrich

Life Science Syllabus

The order of the units and approximate time for studying each unit: Safety(1 wk), Cells(5 wks), Body Systems(4 wks), Responses of Plants & Animals(3 wks), Plant Systems(2 wks), Ecology(4 wks), Taxonomy(2 wks), Genetics(4 wks),  Earth Systems(4 wks), Forces(1 wk), Life in the Solar System(1 wk)

About Mrs. Ullrich Supplies to be kept in your binder:

  • 30 Years of Experience Teaching Science *Ear Buds
  • Certified Science Teacher, 6th-12th Grades *Pen (blue or black) or Pencil
  • Per-AP & GT Certified *Colored Pencils
  • HELM Certified *Scissors (small are fine)
  • STM Certified *Notebook Paper

To Be Given to the Teacher: *2 boxes of Tissue  *Box of Reclosable Freezer Bags  *1 Pkg of Post It Notes


  Meet and Greet time has been changed.  MPMS Meet and Greet is now August 10th from 4 pm - 6 pm.  Please make sure to adjust your calendar.  See you there:)

June 28th

Please make sure to put the Meet and Greets on your family calendar.
MPMS 7th & 8th Grades Meet & Greets
Date: 8/10/2017, 5 PM – 7 PM 4 pm - 6 pm
Location: Mance Park Middle School
First day of school is August 16th.
MPMS School Supplies 
(Teachers may add a few things for their class.)
Graph Paper
Notebook Paper
#2 Pencils
Blue or Black Pens
Map Pencils
1 Pkg AAA Batteries
Post-It Notes
If you are in pre-AP language arts, don't forget that you have summer reading that needs to be complete before school starts.  You should not wait until the last minute because it will be hard to find the book(s).  Please use this link to see the assignment :
If you have further questions, please email and ask.  We are here to help in any way that we can.
Mrs. Ullrich

Week of May 22nd

Dear School Family,
I can't believe this is the last week of school.  The year has zipped by so fast.  
Please make sure that you have signed the permission slip so your child can attend Field Day on Tuesday.  The permission form is due tomorrow, Monday the 22nd of May.   The students need to be in dress code all week at school.  Shorts are allowed but need to meet the guidelines written in the HISD dress code.  All shirts need to have sleeves.  Tuesday is Field Day and this event will begin at 1:30 and last until 3:35.  If you would like to donate bottled water for this event, please drop that off at the front office.
The last day of school is Wednesday.  The students should not bring backpacks or large purses on Wednesday.  Just in case your child needs to bring a large bad of some sort, the bag will be checked in to the front office before school begins and returned at the end of the school day.  This is a precaution to eliminate any problems that could arise.  We appreciate your support with these extra items as we close out the school year.
We are having some problems with students using their phones in the hallway and during class. Please remind your child to keep all phones and technology safely tucked away while at school.
The Texas Education Agency will send the STAAR report and how to read the report to HISD the last week in June.  As soon as the report arrives, your child's report card and STAAR score will be mailed home. We are sorry for the delay, but will mail all information as soon as it arrives.
Please be mindful that the HISD school board will hear reports from each campus about dress code this summer.  The board may make changes to the dress code if they feel changes are needed and HISD will post those changes.  I would suggest waiting until that time to buy new school clothes, just in case changes occur.  
This week in science -
Monday - May 22nd - Science final
Tuesday - Finish final
Wednesday - Investigation of US space program
It has been a pleasure being your science teacher this year.  Please have a safe and wonderful summer.
Mrs. Ullrich

Week of May 15th in Science

Dear School Family,
This week has a few extra activities.  Thursday is our awards ceremony in the gymnasium.  The students that have all A's, all A's and a B, and perfect attendance will receive an invitation for their families to attend.  Each teacher gives an award for best citizenship and an award for most improved student.  The teachers will call the families of those children and invite the family.  We wish that we could give every child an award but we are limited to these two.  
This week in science - 
Monday - May 15th - Practice identifying organisms using a dichotomous key
Tuesday - Finish our station lab practicing using the dichotomous key
Wednesday - Quiz using a dichotomous key; predict the rules used to write pedigree
Thursday - Identify adaptations and how they help organisms survive better
Friday - Start to review for the end of science test; students will each have specific questions to teach the answers to their peers
If your child checked  out a textbook or library book, please return them this week.  If your child is interested in playing any sport next year, the school will provide a free physical on May 17th.  I highly recommend this process so that your family already has the needed paperwork done to try out. The form needs to be completed and signed before the 17th and brought to school.  The form is available from the front office and the coaches. 
If you have any questions, please email me at Thank you for sharing your child with me this year.
Mrs. Ullrich
7th Grade Science Teacher
Mance Park Middle School 

Week of May 8th in Science

Dear School Family,
This is a big week at Mance Park Middle School.  The seventh graders will take the math STAAR on Monday and the reading STAAR on Tuesday.  The students may need a reminder that the afternoon classes on Monday and Tuesday will go in a different order.  The students go straight to their testing room on Monday and Tuesday.  After testing is complete, then the students will eat lunch in the classroom where they tested.  They may talk quietly, but it is very important that the children understand that they are not allowed to discuss any part or process of the test while at school.  After an announcement is made, the students will be released to go to 7th period, then 6th, then 5th periods.
Remember, the students (and teachers) are not allowed to have any technology at all during testing.  Students will need to turn in to the testing teacher all phones, computers, or smart watches.  No technology will be allowed on in the classroom.
No lunches can be delivered on Monday or Tuesday.  Please make sure that your child brings a lunch to school or understands that there will be a sack lunch delivered from the cafeteria for them.  
Also, please make sure your child brings a good book to read for when they finish the test.  I also suggest that your child brings a light jacket or hoodie, in case the room feels cool.
Wednesday and Thursday, the seventh graders will be downstairs for all of their classes.  In science, they will complete the MAP test, which will show exact progress of academic abilities.  These tests are important as this shows the school the progress made during this school year.  Our science class will be in room 115, the same room as last testing time, the room next to the art teacher.
STAAR scores will be mailed home with your child's report card at the beginning of June.
For any student that has not taken last Wednesdays test, or needs to retake last Wednesday's test, tutorials will be in our regular classroom and parents need to pick up your child at 4:10 pm in front of the school.
This week in science -
Monday - May 8th - Math STAAR in the morning and learning about genetic variation in the afternoon
Tuesday - Reading STAAR in the morning and learning about dichotomous keys in the afternoon
Wednesday - MAP testing in room 115 (room next to the art room)
Thursday - MAP testing in room 115 (room next to the art room)
Friday - Practice using dichotomous keys
If you have any questions, feel free to email me at
Mrs. Ullrich
7th Grade Science Teachers
Mance Park Middle School

Week of May 1st in Science

Dear School Family,
Progress Reports will be sent home with students on Wednesday.  
Students will turn in their chromebooks, chromebook case, and charger during math.  Mr. Nash has told me the dates for return are May 3rd and 4th.  This gives us the ability for the students to make a review on their chromebook and study with it one more time.  I am asking that all students make a quizlet flash card set or slideshow and I will grade it on Wednesday, right before the test. If your child does not have access to the internet at home, then he or she needs to tell me so I can get some hard copy cards to use.  If you could use the review sheet and ask your child the question and then check to see if they know the answer, that would be great!
This week in science -
Monday - May 1st - Complete the unit 11 test review
Tuesday - Check answers and play Quizlet live game
Wednesday - Make an A on the unit 11 test
Thursday - Begin genetic variation (dichotomous keys)
Friday - Use a dichotomous key to identify organisms
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at
Mrs. Ullrich
7th Grade Science Teacher
Mance Park Middle School

Week of April 24th in Science

Dear School Family,
We will have a unit test that will cover genetics, heredity, and homeostasis on May 2nd.  If you feel strongly one way or the other about a hard copy review, please email me and tell me.  I think that me giving the students a link to a quizlet flashcard set worked well the first time, but not the second time.  
We will work on predicting offspring by using Punnet squares this week.  Please encourage your child to really concentrate this week.  Punnet squares are like puzzles and easiest to understand when a person understands the rules used to complete them.
This week in science -
Monday - April 24th - begin to apply the vocabulary to real situations
Tuesday - students work on filling the Punnet square; check together
Wednesday - quiz over Punnet square; begin geneman (major grade)
Thursday - finish geneman
Friday - tie up any loose strings on heredity and genetics
If you have any questions, please email me at

Week of April 17th in Science

Dear School Family,
This week in class we will begin to learn about how traits are passed onto offspring.  We will compare the differences between asexual and sexual reproduction.  We will examine, genetically speaking, the differences in offspring produced by asexual and sexual reproduction.  Next week, we will predict the traits of offspring using a Punnett square.
This week in science - 
Monday - April 17th - Student Holiday
Tuesday - Introduction to types of asexual reproduction
Wednesday - Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of asexual reproduction
Thursday - Investigate the advantages and disadvantages of sexual reproduction (genetically speaking)
Friday - Apply our newly learned information to different situations and begin to understand traits
Thank you so much for sharing your child with me this year!
Mrs. Ullrich
7th Grade Science Teacher